Where to Find the Best Deal on a Sail Boat

Sail boatsTo those who spend a little time looking for deals when buying sail boats, the rewards are plentiful. If you knew how much money you could save getting a used sail boat compared to new, you might think twice about the purchase. If your interest is peaked, here are just some of the ways you can find the best possible deal on a used boat.

The first place to look for a used boat would seem like the most obvious, but the internet has really put a damper on how many people even read a newspaper any longer. However, many people still pay very good money to place classified advertisements in those papers, boat sellers too. These people have paid good money and want that boat sold, so this has the look of a desperate and motivated seller. After inspecting the boat, make a lower offer and see if they are willing to come down. If they accept that low offer, you just scored big time on the boat purchase.

If you see that a boat show is coming to your region, this is a great opportunity to find killer deals on used boats. Head out to the show and you will be overwhelmed with all the new boats, boating accessories, and people of all walks attending the show. If you keep your ears and eyes open, you could make a huge score here too. Many people fall in love with these new boats, but they already own a boat. Opportunities to make connections with people are plentiful here, just hand out little cards that you are interested in buying used, and you could go home with a dozen numbers of sellers wanting to buy new and sell their boat.

Facebook is another great resource for finding used boat deals. Simply join a few local boating groups, and scroll down or search for boats for sale. There are going to be story after story of people having to move, getting divorced, or buying new, and these folks want to see their boats fast. The good thing is you can lay in the weeds and just absorb as much info until you see the deal of the century and message the seller you want to meet. Many times the seller will take far less than they are asking just to get out of the deal and move on.

Keep your eyes open because boat deals are just about everywhere if you are looking the right way.